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Feb 14, 2023


No matter how big or small your business, one needs to save to survive in the current economic climate. Here are a few pointers which we all can benefit from

1. Make use of regular promotions offered by your suppliers but make sure to manage your cash flow and available storage. Only purchase items you need and won’t expire within a short period.

2. Plan and save on courier fees. We realize it is not also possible, but instead of ordering every week rather order once or twice a month. Inform your clients that your retails orders are placed only once a month – you might even send out reminders for them to place their orders with you before you order.

You can then opt to collect your order or only pay for delivery / courier fee once a month.

3. Compare prices. One might think by not paying a delivery fee you save, but looking closer you will find that an item price has been increased to a accommodate for this.

At Leonelda we believe in keeping our price low and offer everyone the same price regardless of order size. Here is a classic example – Our Yellow Body Exfoliating Sponges currently sells for R30.00.  Let’s assume you order 20 and ship with courier.  Your total will be R600 + R91 as opposed to R1100.00 (other online shops with free delivery)

4. Make yourself an excel spreadsheet and list all products & items you purchase on a regular basis.  Then create columns with every supplier’s prices.  Now you will get a clear understanding of costs and how you can save.  (Remember there might be 1 item which are less at another supplier, but you will incur another deliver fee and add to product cost.)

Rest assured we at Leonelda Products is committed to giving you the best possible prices on all our products as well as regular offers to help you.

5. Request a quotation when planning to place a large order or many items. Most often you will get a reduced price and might even be able to negotiate delivery / courier fee. We will gladly provide you with a quotation and always try and see where we can help you save.

Did you know you can request a quotation online without even logging in?  Simply click “add to quotation” button and once done submit.  We will mail you a quotation and be in touch with you.

6. Build relationships. There is an old saying – people buy from people – and in our industry this in so true.

It is imperative that you also build a relationship with your suppliers.  This will create an open platform where you will be comfortable to discuss problems your experiencing, get advice and even negotiate prices.   

Be open with your current supplier and tell them if a product is less at another supplier.  It makes no sense to order one product from another supplier yet still incur a delivery or courier fee. If you can get everything at one supplier, you will surely save quite a bit.

 At Leonelda we strive to support beauty businesses as together we will grow and achieve success, so let’s see how we can strengthen our relationships and save.