500g Waxing Unit for cold, hot and paraffin wax

500g Wax Heating Unit

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This 10cm diameter Digital Wax Warming Unit can reach exact temperatures for melting both depilatory and paraffin waxes, with a capacity of up to 500g.

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Product description

This 500g Wax Heating Unit features a frequency of 50Hz/60Hz, a power of 150W, a diameter of 10cm, a volume of 450ml/500g, and a temperature range of 45-105 degrees Celsius, all housed in an outer cover of ABS plastic.

Please Note:

All equipment carries a 1 year guarantee - full details enclosed in packaging.

Please ensure you are familiar with waxing contra-indications before performing any wax treatments.

Ensure to inform your clients of waxing after care procedures.