Thalaspa Micronized Fucus 500g
Micronized Fucus is a brown algae is rich in mineral salts, trace elements and vitamins and stimulates blood circulation.

Micronized Fucus 500g

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Remineralization and reshaping brown algae powder which can be used on all skin types.

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Product description

Remineralization and reshaping brown algae powder which can be used on all skin types.


Brown algae belonging to Fucales family, known as Fucus vesiculosus, its scientific name, the fucus is an alga that is found in abundance along Breton coasts.
Fucus grows on rocky supports and becomes visible at low tide. Attached to the rock thanks to its tendrils, it forms tufts of band-shaped blades (thallus), which splits into two parts that float on water thanks to bladders full of air serving as floats.
Famous for its slimming action, it is a great source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
Fucus greatly stimulates the body and therefore helps fight against tiredness.
It also has stimulating and draining properties due to its zinc, iron and iodine content.



Provides trace elements and minerals

Remineralizes the epidermis

Lipolytic action

Mainly composed of fucus algae, our formula has a unique richness of minerals and trace elements which play essential roles for our metabolism.

Once re-hydrated, the paste’s texture, soft and unctuous, is perfectly adapted for an application over the entire body.

Key Ingredients:

Fucus Vesuculosus Powder


Ratio powder / water - 1/2,6
(With 100g of powder, mix 260ml of water, you get 360g of dough)

For single use, the micronized fucus is applied rehydrated directly in contact with the skin, ideally at a temperature of between 37 ° and 41 ° C, for a period of twenty minutes.
Once the paste is applied to the skin, the body is wrapped with a protective sheet and sometimes with a warming blanket, which will maintain the application temperature.
After the treatment, the person takes a shower and takes a rest period.

Customer Reviews

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Omayya Sacoor
Micronised Fucus

Use it for clients with lymphoedema coupled with massage. We have had phenomenal results. Clients noted that her legs feel lighter.