Salon Care Skin Toner 200ml

Skin Toner

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Product description

Skin Toner only acts as a secondary cleanser and refresher.

Key Ingredients:

Purified water

Natural fruit acid mix (AHA’s) - from natural fruit and sugar cane

Witch hazel extract

Glycerine (vegetable origin)

Chamomile extract (soothing)

Mildly fragranced

Alcohol Free


After cleansing with appropriate cleanser, dispense onto damp cotton wool and apply to face, neck & décolleté. Leave on skin. Follow with moisturizer.

For Salon Use: After cleansing and massage, it's recommended to apply Skin Toner to the skin with damp cotton wool to remove all excess residue on the skin.


This product is not recommended for sensitive nor allergic and irritated skins. Recommend Sensitive Spritzer for sensitive skins.