Acrylic Brush Set 6 Piece

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This 5-piece brush set is purpose-made for acrylic applications.

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Product description

This 6-piece brush set is purpose-made for acrylic applications. 

Brushes size 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 in set.  Aluminium Tube Handle also cap for storing brushes.

Bristle length - No 2 1cm, No 4 1.3cm, No 6 1.6cm. No 8 1.7cm, No 10 1.9cm, No 12 1.9cm


Always store brushes upright with bristles facing upwards.

Never let any liquid or cleanser run into ferrule of brush.

Never clean brushes with acetone - always use brush cleanser for acrylic & gel cleanser for gel.