Film Wax - Men

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Looking for effective and result driven film wax for male waxing? Italwax wax offers you two variants - Pour Homme and Barber - to ensure you offer your male clients the best waxing experiencing ever!

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Product description

POUR HOMME -  Dense metallic grey film wax with a light masculine fragrance • natural pine resins and special polymers to increase wax adherence to men's strong and coarse hairs • easily removes all unwanted hair in a single application • does not damage the skin being almost pain free • effective for larger body areas waxing procedures • setting time 6-10 seconds.

BARBER EDITION - Medium-dense metallic teal blue film wax • superior synthetic polymers • effectively removes strong and coarse facial hair •ensures the removal of undesired hairs while allowing for the precise styling of beards, eyebrows, and sideburns • without causing skin damage or significant discomfort • meets the requirements of barbershops and male facial grooming • setting time 6-10 seconds.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Donna van Vuuren
Mens film wax

Absolutely 💯 smells divine

Sindy Du Plessis
Best wax for male and female

Me and my clients love this wax.

Renine de Bruin
Love this wax

It adheres to strong hairs brilliantly.

Chantal Willemse
Only use barbers edition

Love it it’s the best